About PulseGuard International Ltd

PulseGuard International Ltd is a company established in 2019 to research, develop and create technologies to detect and aid people who suffer from epilepsy and heart conditions.

Why we developed PulseGuard

In the UK alone there are 600,000 people with epilepsy, that’s nearly 1% of the entire UK population. 70% of these are children who experience silent seizures often also with no movement, preventing them from being able to use standard seizure detection alarms which are based on these symptoms. PulseGuard does not monitor these symptoms but instead monitors the heart rate, enabling it to alert users and carers if the heart rate increases or decreases with no other visible evidence.

People in the UK with Epilepsy

People in the UK suffering from uncontrolled epilepsy
Children with epilepsy in the UK with silent seizures
Children with epilepsy in the UK who could use PulseGuard