Epilepsy Society Begins PulseGuard Pro Trials

The Epilepsy Society have begun trials of the new PulseGuard Pro system. Where PulseGuard was originally designed as a home seizure monitor, it was being used in care-homes. The trials will be determining the success of a system designed specifically for the care-home.

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The team at Adris Technologies Ltd have been overwhelmed by the positive response to their PulseGuard heart-rate monitor, from both users and care-homes. Always on the lookout to improve PulseGuard, Adris Technologies have developed PulseGuard Pro, now in it’s trial period. It has allowed care-homes and home users, to connect PulseGuard into any telecare/red button emergency system. There is a huge potential for PulseGuard to radically change the way current care-homes monitor their patients, with it’s ability to instantly alert a carer, via their pager, of the onset of a seizure.  Adrian Perry, CEO of Adris Technologies LTD has said:

 “We need the results of the trial to improve the technology and make sure it meets the needs of people.  At the end of the trial we will have built a system that works consistently for people with epilepsy.”

A £40,000 grant from the Nominet Trust’s Tech Seed Fund has enabled Adris to launch their PulseGuard Pro trial at Epilepsy Society to cater for people in residential care. Sarah Protheroe, Head of Therapy at The Epilepsy Society, has expressed her anticipation at how PulseGuard Pro will benefit both their staff and patients:

“Epilepsy Society is grasping this vital opportunity to discover whether PulseGuard will pick up ‘hard-to-detect’ seizures and therefore bring staff promptly to residents – giving the help and medication needed.

“We are anticipating that we will discover some residents are having more seizures than are currently observed – many seizure types have very few outward signs.

“It could give certain residents more freedom as they may not need to be constantly observed and we hope to be able to provide the neurologists with more accurate information regarding frequency, timing and patterns of a person’s seizures, facilitating clinical decisions that improve epilepsy control.

“Adris Technologies will be able to adjust their product to make it even more user friendly following feedback from the Epilepsy Society staff, residents and carers during and after the project.

“The choice of where and with whom to try the PulseGuard has been based on multiple factors. I am most grateful to the staff and residents who are supporting this project as it involves significant time and energy. Everyone involved is so fully committed to improving the lives of people with epilepsy.”

For more information on the Epilepsy Society visit their website.

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Jonnie Temple

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  • Victor & Betty Jo Leyva

    We live in San Diego, California, USA and have been following your product with great anticipation. Our daughter Genevieve is plagued with nighttime seizure activity. Other devices we’ve tried to detect her seizures have been unsuccessful and we recognize your product’s potential for success. We would welcome the opportunity for our daughter to become a trial candidate if possible. We would greatly appreciate your response.

    Thank you
    Victor & Betty Jo Leyva

    • Good morning,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’re pleased the word about PulseGuard is hitting the shores of the USA. We do actually have a few US customers already actually, as PulseGuard has been released worldwide now. Unfortunately, we are no longer trialling PulseGuard. The main system has been officially released for a couple of years now, and the Pro system (this one being trialled at the Epilepsy Society) is about to be released, and is aimed at the care-home industry, or anywhere with an emergency call line, and trials are coming to an end. I’m not sure what the State funding for assistive technology situation is in America, so i’m afraid i cant give any direction on raising funds through government, but we do have some fund raising ideas on our website here: https://www.pulseguard.org/funding

      Kind regards,

    • Robert Estrada

      Hi Victor and Betty Jo,
      I live in Los Angeles and have been using PulseGuard for my daughter for the past year.
      She gets partial complex seizures and usually only at night or before she wakes up.
      I have to say, PulseGuard has caught every one thus far. It’s more reliable and comfortable than her old pulse oximeter watch. Best part, she was able to sleep with her girl scout troops this past summer. So for us, the investment was worth it. Just wanted to let you know.

      Best of luck,
      Robert Estrada ( that gets sleep now)

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