Q. How does PulseGuard work?
Q. Where can I buy it?
Q. Is PulseGuard available internationally?
Q. Does PulseGuard only work if my heart rate changes when I have a seizure?
Q. How do I know if my heart rate changes when I have a seizure?
Q. How can PulseGuard alert me to a possible onset of SUDEP?
Q. Is there a warranty?
Q. Will using PulseGuard cure my Epilepsy?
Q. Can the PulseGuard sensor interfere with my VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator)?
Q. Where is best to wear the PulseGuard Sensor?
Q. How long does the battery last on my PulseGuard Sensor?
Q. Is the PulseGuard Sensor waterproof?
Q. What is the minimum age PulseGuard could be used with?
Q. Can i download the latest manual online?
Q. Should i update the iPad's iOS (Mk-I systems only) to the latest version?
Q. I have accidentally deleted PulseGuard how can i get it back?
Q. PulseGuard has stopped working properly, what should i do?
Q. What is my support number?
Q. Where can i find my support number?
Q. What is my support number used for?
Q. What should i do if i have lost my support number?

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