Important PulseGuard News Regarding Covid-19 Business Restrictions

Dear all,

During the current worrying climate, we have been committed to trying our very best to carry on as normal to support our customers with orders, support and replacement parts, however as the world slowly goes into lockdown it is becoming increasingly difficult to do this.

As with a lot of organisations, from Monday 23rd March, all but essential production staff will be working from home, this means there may be a delay in answering phones and support calls, however, all messages left will receive a call back as soon as possible so please bear with us.

At present UK couriers and postal services are still working as normal, so for the time being UK orders and parts can be fulfilled without any delay. We currently have stock of all PulseGuard parts and because we repair faulty items in house, we should be able to keep you all going for the foreseeable future but please keep and eye on our website for service updates.

As from today though, overseas orders and parts may well be significantly impacted as flights and delivery services are continuously being grounded globally. We will continue to do our very best to support you as best we can and we hope you all stay safe and well during these trying times.

All the very best, The PulseGuard Team

Author Info

Kate Farmer

Senior Clinical Advisor for PulseGuard International Ltd. I have 15 years experience working frontline A&E in the UK NHS Ambulance Service. I have gone on to train and research extensively around epilepsy, to provide the most up to date information, clinical advice and support to PulseGuard customers and followers as well as living first hand with the personal effects of Dravet Syndrome within my family

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