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Update Alert: iOS 10 is coming in the autumn and we ask all PulseGuard users to refrain from updating their tablets until we know PulseGuard will continue working with it.

PulseGuard uses the iOS operating system to run on our tablets, and we continually check PulseGuard’s compatibility as updates come out.During major updates, a lot more testing needs to take place. We want to keep PulseGuard running the best we can so no problems occur.¬†We will post updates and notices during testing and when ready for the update. Please keep checking our website, and social media pages for update notices as they come out.

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Jonnie Temple

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  • Hi is there a way you can turn this of so it doesn’t ask every day.


    • Hi Tracy.
      I cant see a way to stop the notification coming up i’m afraid. But ios10 isn’t out for a while yet. On our website, we do have a list of updates the PulseGuard is compatible with, so you can check this list to see if its safe to upgrade your PulseGuard. The list can be found here:
      All updates so far are safe, so to remove the notification every 24 hours, please go ahead and update Your PulseGuard. When ios10 is released, please check the above address for more information.


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