PGLink Package




Product Description

This Package Consists of one PGLink Bluetooth Gateway and one PulseGuard Pager.

PGLink links your PulseGuard directly into any lifeline, tele-care or red button system, our PGLink Gateway also alerts a dedicated Pager. This allows for instant alerts to onsite staff as soon as PulseGuard alarms. The pager displays details of each individual user so that staff can assist them as soon as a seizure occurs. The PGLink Gateway can connect to an unlimited amount of pagers, if you wish for more staff to monitor the patient. Also, One pager can connect to various PGLink Gateway transmitters, allowing for one member of staff to monitor several patients.

  • Small compact black box unit
  • Can be hard wired or plugged into any existing lifeline or red button call system or nurse call system
  • Lithium ION battery back up in case of power failure
  • 2 Line Pager with belt clip.
  • 100 meter radius range for the pager as standard.


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