PulseGuard & PulseGuard Pro Updates

PulseGuard and PulseGuard Pro are receiving new updates today. With the amazing help of the Epilepsy Society, we have developed our software further. Some of the long awaited features of Pro are being released. Please see below for all the update information:


Release Notes:

PulseGuard Pro V1.5

  • Continuous Recording Function – PulseGuard Pro now has the option to record continuously throughout the night. There are now three sets of data files with continuous recording;  “Data” will show the entire event, whilst “Cont Data” and “Seizure Data” give a more defined data set.
  • Password Protection – PulseGuard Pro can now be password protected. This allows the Settings, Volume Control and Reset buttons to be locked down.
  • New Alarm Tone – The PulseGuard team have developed a longer sounding alarm tone. PulseGuard Pro now has a greater compatibility with universal Bluetooth speakers. This new alarm will also be easier to hear at night.

PulseGuard V1.4

  • New Alarm Tone – The longer alarm tone has also been integrated into the standard PulseGuard system

Both updates come with a new manual built into the app. Please read this before calling support. The online manual is available to download from the website. (Please note: you must have a valid support contract in order to use our 24 hour support line and for software support. For more information, please see our Support Explained section on the website)

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