Support Explained

What do we offer?

In order to make things as clear for you as possible, this page is here to help explain what support options are available to you.

To get started, there are two different support options available, they are:

  • Free Basic Support
  • Premium Support

Every purchase of a PulseGuard unit Mk-I comes with a years free subscription to Premium Support, after this year is up, you will then have the option of renewing your Premium Support subscription or moving down to our Free Basic Support.

If you are renting a PulseGuard Mk-II you have unlimited Premium Support for the duration of your rental contract and will not need to purchase a renewal.

Product Description

PulseGuard™ Premium Technical Support is a continuation of the support you received free for the first year after your PulseGuard purchase.

With PulseGuard™ Premium Technical Support you receive 24/7 telephone support 365 days of the year for your PulseGuard system, remote support and management of the PulseGuard™ Tablet and silent updates of the PulseGuard™ Software.

What the difference between the two?
Basic Support is offered to our customers to make sure you are supported no matter what you choose, however there are a LOT of benefits to subscribing to our Premium Support, to make this as clear as possible, we have provided the below comparison chart. (You can click this chart to view a larger version).

Support Comparison Chart - Greybg

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