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If you have purchased the PulseGuard package we would love to hear what you think and how it has affected your lives.

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  • Tracie Underwood

    We purchased the pulseguard a couple of months ago after a lot of sleepless nights worrying endlessly about our sons seizures.

    We had two baby monitors in different rooms as he constantly moved from one room to another when he couldn’t sleep. We needed something that was attached to him. I’d heard a lot about pulseguard beforehand from various support groups etc, but making the decision to buy it was without a doubt, the best thing we have done, the peace of mind it has given us is absolutely priceless.

    I used to check on my son every half an hour or so, I slept terribly, I was living on my nerves but Pulseguard has given us huge peace of mind. The device is brilliant and so easy to use. But even more exceptional is the after care and the empathetic way that each one of every person that I had contact with before and afterwards treated us.

    I can honestly say I’ve never had that with any company that I’ve ever bought anything from. I would highly recommend the Pulseguard, my only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner.

    Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.xx

    Tracie underwood
    Mum to Thomas!

  • Pia Comber

    Our son David has Dravet syndrome, which causes tremendous worry for two reasons. One is that David’s seizures are uncontrollable and quite commonly throughout the night. In the past it has been very stressful and frustrating that we have missed some of his seizures, we have had many disturbed nights where we can’t sleep because we couldn’t be sure we would wake for David’s seizures.

    The second issue is that David is at high risk of SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in Epilepsy), where his heart rate could slow and then stop. Obviously this is a silent issue and difficult to detect.

    We have tried other seizure monitors like ‘EMFIT’, however this and many others work by them detecting movement but some of David’s seizures don’t involve much movement.

    Since having ‘Pulse Guard’ we can relax because it picks up on David’s seizures and we can respond quickly. The alarm goes off seconds after seizures start so we can intervene if we need to. The alarm also goes off when the heart rate has got to a dangerously low level enabling us to act quickly. This recently happened and we were able to seek immediate medical advice.

    Pia and Jeff comber.

  • Georgina Coulson

    The pulse guard for us has been a life changer. We received it last year in October after my sons last big seizure. These big seizures were happening quite frequent during the night and he’d end up in PiCU every time fighting for his life. Illness and temperature are his triggers for seizures. Back then we used a sats monitor to monitor him but we never got an accurate reading because he was always moving around or pulling it off. It had us up all night long giving false alarms off. We barely left the house because we were so exhausted.

    Since getting our pulse guard we have been 1 year seizure free. I truly believe it’s because the pulse guard has been able to alert us of any change before the seizure starting, to allow us to get him stripped off and meds into him before he was to hit his seizure threshold. We’ve had no change in medication we’ve just had this better monitoring system that really works. There has been so many times when we have been woken up with the alarm to alert us of a change in his heart rate. Iv went into his room and he’s been sound asleep with no seizure, but after checking his temperature, it’s been really high for him, we’ve managed to get him stripped off, meds into him and then relax again knowing we’ve managed to prevent the seizure starting. Before pulse guard, a seizure was the first sign of an illness brewing, he’d have a seizure, end up in hospital and we’d be fighting an illness too. Now we know the change of heart rate is the first sign of something brewing were able to prevent the seizures, get him to doctors and start antibiotics to kick the infection. It really has changed our lives and kept us out of hospital.

    John Joseph has sensitive skin so we use a bandage to keep the sensor in place rather than the strap watch. John Joseph started sleeping really good since we’ve had the pulse guard and he hasn’t been woken with false alarms etc and the only down fall is the sensor runs out of battery before he wakes. But all we do is we put 2 sensors on him and when one runs out we turn he other one on. And the problem is solved. We now have a much better quality of life were both sleeping, and I can finally relax knowing he his safe. I’d highly recommend the product for anyone suffering with epilepsy especially Dravet syndrome where an illness or temperature is a trigger for seizures. Your not only detecting seizures, your able to prevent them.

    Kindest regards

    Georgina coulson, mother of john Joseph (Dravet syndrome)

  • Charlotte Gardiner Freeston

    Thank u so much for the pulse guard system, we have not yet had a seizure whilst he’s been wearing it but it did alert us to increase heart rate linked to body temperature spike and fighting off a virus through the night. He will wear this every night. Helps a sleep deprived mummy and daddy. Harry is 15 mths old

  • Matt Daniels

    A great bit of kit. Most of my sons fits are at night, before pulse guard I’d hardly sleep or wake up when the fit was well underway which resulted in many hospital trips and a few close calls. Pulse guard has made such a difference I can now stop the fits at the start and stop them in next to no time

  • Emma Jewell-Hanson

    We can’t rate pulseguard high enough. My 3 year old was diagnosed with epilepsy in August and we got pulseguard not long after. It has detected about 5 seizures since then. Before pulseguard we was having sleepless nights watching over him so pulseguard has been brilliant!
    Thanks for developing this brilliant product xxxx

  • James McLeod

    We have been using pulseguard since May, and on all 4 occasions where our son has had a seizure, the pulseguard has alerted us early on. Due to his seizures starting off as partial focal seizures, it was very difficult to detect them early before, and we had a lot of sleepless nights using a baby monitor. Pulseguard works effectively and gives us the piece of mind that we can get some sleep and that any seizures will be alerted to us.

  • Charlotte 'Gardiner' Freeston

    Thank u so much for the pulse guard system, we have not yet had a seizure whilst he’s been wearing it but it did alert us to increase heart rate linked to body temperature spike and fighting off a virus through the night. He will wear this every night. Helps a sleep deprived mummy and daddy. Harry is 15 mths old

  • Georgina Coulson

    Been lying awake in bed for about an hour waiting on little man waking up can’t believe the difference that pulse guard machine has made, im waking up before him now from getting a full night sleep we were in bed last night half 8 and he still asleep hahha time for wakeys

  • Anonymous

    Dear Adrian, Sue, Chris and Kate,

    Thank you so much for sending us the PulseGuard (and bag of sweets!!).
    This is set to finally bring us nights of proper sleep with less worry – Well done for creating a product which will help so many others.

    Thank You.

  • Debbie Fisher

    My daughter, Ruby, wears her PulseGuard every night and it detects and alarms us to her seizures. She is currently having between 2 and 5 seizures a night. It reassures me that I will wake up to every seizure and ensure she is safe. Thank you PulseGuard! X x

  • Sam, Craig & Lucy

    Dear Adrian and Sue,

    I just have to email you to tell you how grateful Craig and I are that you both invented this product. Lucy sadly had another seizure on Tuesday night, her first in just over a year and the monitor alerted us when her heart rate rose dramatically. As you know, Lucy’s seizures always go into status and she must be medicated out of them, we were able to do this promptly. Also as she did not shake this time, her mattress monitor would not have been triggered so it is no exaggeration to say that Pulseguard may well have saved her life.We were also able to monitor her heart rate after giving the rescue meds and felt much calmer than we have previously as a consequence, it was like having a Dr in the room with us. We remained at home, felt able to deal with the situation and did not need to call an ambulance as we have on many previous times.We cannot thank you enough for creating such an excellent product which really works, and the wonderful after sales care. I have been telling everyone I can about how essential this equipment is and will continue to do so.

    Very best wishes Sam, Craig & Lucy

  • Bill Burke

    To the Adris Team.

    I just woke up from a very restful sleep. Thank you! My son is nineteen and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of four. Living with ASD is a constant challenge. The challenges increased with a quantum leap recently when he had his first seizure. Fearing that a seizure at night may cause him to become nauseated and to aspirate fluid led us to sleeping with him until a decent monitor could be found. There are several available. Most relied primarily on motion. Reading internet posts we found that motion sensors are not as reliable as we would want. Then we found PulseGuard. Tracking the pulse of an individual was just so much more intuitive. We knew (from watching the monitors that EMTs used during the first seizure) that our son’s pulse was racing during his first seizure. We knew our solution was found. Chris at Adris was instrumental in helping us secure and implement usage of the PulseGuard. We recently (again with Chris’ help) updated PulseGuard and we find the new interface intuitive and easy to understand. The auto reset of the alarm also minimizes the disruption if the alarm sounds in the night. We still get up and check our son, but one of us is able to fall back to sleep a bit faster. Well thought through products are, unfortunately, rare in today’s world. Finding one that IS well thought through is always a pleasure. PulseGuard is one of those products. After several months of poor or no sleep, I’m well rested again. Thanks to all at Adris Technologies!!!

    Most Sincerely, Bill, Lee’s Dad

  • Debbie Nugent

    Thank you for Sophie’s PULSEGUARD it really is great peace of mind it’s amazing how it works and means finally we can sleep

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