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If you have purchased the PulseGuard package we would love to hear what you think and how it has affected your lives.

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  • Jade Walmsley

    We purchased a pulse guard in May 2020, 6 months on and I can not put into words just how much ease this device has brought to our lives.

    My son has Epilepsy & his nocturnal seizures are still very evident – this puts him in the high risk group for SUDEP (Sudden unexpected death in epilesy) – as a mum I barely slept through worry which made me very poorly. I came across the pulse guard which has been not only life changing but life saving for my Max.

    Night times are no longer dreaded & filled with as much fear as it alarms as soon as his heart rate drops or raises (which it does during a seizure), and mummy is able to get some well needed rest. I can not reccommend this device enough to help bring comfort and ease to anyones lives who may also have loved ones who have seizures.

    Finally, the communication with the team at pulse guard is amazing. Very fast at responding and always extremely helpful. Thank you so much.

  • Danielle Algiere

    This device has been a game changer for my family. I can finally put my head on the pillow with confidence that my little boy is protected.
    Thank you Pulseguard!
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  • Belinda Clare

    Hi All,

    I was just wanting to give some positive feedback. Since I have gotten used to the PulseGuard, how it works and the limits to set uniquely for my one year year old and the correct placement for him where it works all night with no hiccups.. it has worked fantastic.. i was having to go through all the video footage of every night to send to the neurologist and it was taking hours.. now I go to where the spikes are on his heart rate.. and there it is! Quick and easy.. these are for his Myoclonic jerks.. I haven’t set his heart rate high enough to alarm for these.. otherwise it would be going all night.. he has so many 😬 but it does go off when he has a bad one and when he has had a tonic-clonic one.. Thank you PulseGuard 🙏🙏🙏❤️🙂

  • Karen Fudge

    Amazing product with fantastic customer service all the way through and very helpful staff always willing to answer any questions that I had!

  • We purchased PulseGuard for my son to safeguard him over night. The team couldn’t have been more helpful in setting up the system and making sure we know exactly how to use it. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting a good nights sleep. Thank you PulseGuard!

  • Charlotte Edwards

    I would 100 percent recommend pulse guard!

    Brilliantly made and a life saver honestly wouldn’t want to imagine life with out it now!
    Quick response evry time from pulseguard

    Thankyou pulseguard !!!

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  • Karen Britton

    Our 3 1/2 year old has been using the PulseGuard at night for a little over 2 years now. He suffers from status seizures which are incredibly difficult to stop. He has been put into an induced coma and on a ventilator in the past. He has been diagnosed with a genetic mutation so the consultants don’t know when or whether he will outgrow these seizures. Our son’s seizures started at 9 months old and we were warned that he was at an increased risk of SUDEP. My husband and I spent months barely sleeping following our son’s first seizure until we came across the PulseGuard. It has given us some quality of life back but most importantly it has potentially saved our son’s life on several occasions as it has alerted us to an increase in heart rate which was an indication our son had a temperature and we were able to get him to hospital prior to his seizures starting. Unfortunately, rescue meds do not stop our son’s seizures. The medical team who care for our son have now also recommended the PulseGuard to other patients based on our experience with it. We can’t thank the PulseGuard Team enough for bringing such a great device to the market x

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  • Emilia Hofman

    Easy to set up and to use .. we live in Denmark and support responds quickly 🙂
    Thank you Pulseguard ❤️

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  • Lucy Wallace

    PulseGuard gives us peace of mind at night, and enables us to get some sleep as we know it will alert us to seizures. It has also picked up some irregularities in heart rate, which are now under investigation – we would never have known about them if we hadn’t been using PulseGuard

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  • Korina Kosta Stefanou

    Absolutely brilliant !
    We were starting to forget what sleep was . This has given us such peace of mind . I keep the monitor next to our bed and I know I can just glance over if I wake through the night to check he is ok and also when the alarm does go off it’s quite easy to hear . SUDEP was our greatest fear .
    It’s also given him his space and privacy again as the drs said he was not to sleep in a room alone . A very happy 15 year old now .
    All our questions have been answered quickly and efficiently.
    I was hesitate to purchase this originally as we are based in Australia 🇦🇺 and also with not owning the product out right concerned us but since having it we could not be happier .
    It’s the best thing we could of done . We fully
    Thankyou PulseGuard

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  • Susan Underwood

    Having a child with nocturnal epilepsy has meant many a broken night of sleep. However, since we got the pulse guard alarm it’s mean I can relax just a bit know, so we are all grateful for that. It’s so simple to set up and I love how it records the days, pulse rates picked up too, great to show your consultant.Thankyou x

  • Teresa Ivings

    What an amazing piece of kit!! Our son has both seizures and Central Apnoea, after years of struggling with an apnoea pad, being woken every night by numerous false alarms we were at our wits end. Our son’s new consultant Neurologist then recommended the pulseguard for him and we have not looked back. We finally sleep now knowing we have something in place that offers the best protection for our son and will alert us to any potential problems with him.
    Our son also has a sleep disorder and is very mobile overnight so monitors with a cable/wire are not suitable as he can become tangled in them. He recently had surgery and we took his pulseguard with us into hospital, the staff were very impressed with the accuracy against the hospital monitors, and were happy for us to use the pulseguard overnight as a continual monitor for our son, they then just came in a few times and checked him with their own equipment. For us the Pulseguard is literally a lifesaver, it’s alerted us to many apnoea’s and enabled us to get to our son in plenty of time, rouse him and stimulate him to breathe again! We could not be without it now!!

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  • Ems J Goodson

    Once you know how to set it up it’s quick and easy. Gives me peace of mind every night that I will be alerted if necessary! Thank you!
    It’s picked up some heart issues too and gosh were very impressed by it.

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  • Andy Cunnane

    Any parent living with a child with epilepsy puts them to bed in fear of them not waking up due to either a prolonged seizure or SUDEP. Pulseguard is an important part of the armoury of things you need to reduce this risk.

    We purchased the original Pulseguard in 2017 and felt like we had another team member looking out for our son.

    I’m delighted to hear that there is a new improved Mark II available and would recommend this to other.

    Keep up the good worK!

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  • Chanda Hunton Minehart

    I purchased the Pulseguard system after my son had 2 seizures in his sleep. After countless sleepless nights and hours of research, I discovered the Pulseguard system. Now that we have the system, I sleep through the night and have much more peace of mind about the safety of my son. Thank you for developing this technology and for helping in the fight against SUDEP.

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  • Jason & Emma Cain

    I can’t praise Pulseguard enough, when my son started with epilepsy last year, I did not sleep at all as his seizure’s had happened when he was asleep. He also vomits with them which causes him to choke so Pulseguard has given me extra reassurance, as it detect s any change in heart beat patterns. The team are very helpful too. Thank you

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  • Jen Rowe

    Quite simply Pulseguard allows me to sleep (well as much as any mum sleeps!). It has afforded family members to feel confident that they can have my daughter for sleepovers again. And on the rare occasion that we go out for the evening, I know that we are leaving an experienced ‘Guard’ looking out for my girl.

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  • Steffan Spain

    PulseGuard gives us peace of mind each night! 💜

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  • Jodie Pickett

    We have tried a few epilepsy alarms but none that gave us complete reassurance until we found this! We found that the Pulseguard gave us total reassurance that our daughter was safe at nighttime. After 4 years of worry stopping me from sleeping, I can now sleep knowing the pulseguard will alert us to any seizures. It was easy to set up and the support that is provided is second to none. We would highly recommend PulseGuard (and have done to many people!) and we are now hoping to be able to purchase a second pulseguard for our other baby daughter who also has Epilepsy.

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  • Karen Scargall

    Such an amazing device that is wireless, easy to use and gives total peace of mind that my daughter is safe. Watching the heart rate itself gives me clues about how she will be, my daughter loves it too. It’s the best monitor I’ve used and alarmed every seizure. Great support too from the Pulseguard Team. 10/10 for accuracy, wearability and peace of mind.

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  • TJ Taylor

    Pulseguard has been well worth the investment. Finally allowing us to sleep and live a happier life

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  • Hannah Fujita

    I remember the enormous relief I felt when we got our original PulseGuard. It was exactly what we needed, being able to attach it to our daughter, so no problems or false alarms if she gets off the bed. It certainly helps me sleep more easily. The company have been very responsive and helpful whenever I have had any issue or query. Thoroughly recommend!

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  • Amy Warnock Pearch

    Brilliant!! I purchased pulse guard for my epileptic daughter. if she has a seizure at night her pulse spikes and the alarm will sound on the device. It was easy to set up it’s not uncomfortable for her to wear and it’s wireless so no getting tangled up in cords. It has changed our lives and provided that piece of mind every parent needs. I highly recommend to anyone.

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  • Matthew Dearman

    Best monitor you can get especially for children with BRE from what we could see. Have had a few false alarms but in general gives some additional peace of mind. Expensive one off cost and comes with a minimum term and high subscription fee but for something that could save your child’s life you don’t have a great deal of choice.

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  • Sarah Sutton

    Great customer service, have only had our pulseguard a week but it gives us such peace of mind to know that if our little girl has a seizure we will be able to help her as quickly as possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to start getting some more rest!

    (Originally posted from PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Mary Woodward

    Keira has had Epilepsy since 2013 and we have had Pulseguard since 2015. I was really struggling, Keiras Seizures, they can be prolonged and reach status Epilepticus needing hospitalisation. Pulseguard changed everything and I can honestly say WE cannot recommend Pulseguard highly enough. As Keira is getting older and more aware of some of her many conditions she really rely’s on her Pulseguard, learning how to use it with me, it helps her with reasurrance at night and her anxieties. Technical support is fantastic, yes I’m talking about you George, thank you my lovely. Pulseguard really does help, we couldn’t be without it.

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  • Elinor Rideout

    We’ve only owned our PulseGuard for around a week and after some initial issues with a faulty part (which was replaced straight away by PulseGuard) we are already feeling the benefits of added peace of mind. Knowing we’ll be alerted to my son’s nocturnal seizures without having to sit watching him has given me back some time in the evenings and the chance to sleep easier, which is well needed! The support service has been brilliant too, with phone calls and queries answered quickly. Thank you.

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  • Jodi Williams

    The pulseguard has been absolutely amazing. We can sleep at night knowing that our little man is being monitored and that we wake up knowing if anything is going on. The best thing is we can show the docs any trends and can pick when Ben will be having a seizure. For a child who doesn’t have any obvious triggers, it is a huge load off my mind.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Sharon Louise

    I cannot imagine life without our Pulseguard. We pop it on to our daughter’s leg each night (she likes having her ‘watch’ put on) and know we can relax. It has alerted us to around 40 seizures during the time we have had it, the majority of these we would have missed were it not for the Pulseguard (meaning she would be having a seizure, alone and terrified in her bed). It comes with us everywhere. We have the latest version of the sensor which has a great range and is waterproof. It even survived being dropped in a hot cup of tea on the bedside table one beary-eyed morning when it had been taken off. Customer service is among the best I have known for any company. Instantly responsive and any glitches sorted as a matter of urgency. We love this tech and would not be without it.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Paul Andrew

    Pulseguard gives us the confidence we needed overnight with our daughter only having night seizures. It has alerted us when we have needed it.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Shell Amenta

    Its be invaluable to us and has always alerted us to a seizure giving us time to react quickly.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Angela Cavender-Simmons

    I could not recommend this higher…. Actually I have recommended this to everyone in our situation! Pulseguard has not only saved my daughter’s life but it has improved our entire families quality of life! Before we got this I would literay stay up for days watching my daughter breath at night, and with having 2 other young kids I was not able to be there best mom to them all. Now my 3 year old sleeps every night with her pulseguard on and my husband and I sleep soundly as well!
    We have one of the first generation models and I am super excited that their upgraded version has such a long battery life (that will be super helpful when we get to upgrade!)
    Side note, she is convinced that the armband/pulseguard give her super strength!! 💖
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    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Sarah-Jayne Smith

    it took the worry and stress away from always listening and looking at our son as be slept, which has given us a reasonably normal life.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Frances Burt

    I’ve been using a Pulseguard Mark I for my son for just under a year now. I’ve found it especially helpful for alerting me to high temperatures in the night, enabling me to cool him down early to reduce the chance of triggering seizures. I’ve also been able to give readings to the emergency service call handlers when needing an ambulance for night status.
    I ordered the updated sensor and love the new battery life and charge time, but found the strap unclipped a lot on my two year old’s narrow arm, so I trimmed his old strap and will continue to use it with the new sensor until he’s a bit bigger and less wriggly.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Sarah Barker

    PulseGuard has been life changing for us. We can sleep at night knowing that we will be alerted to her seizures, thus greatly reducing the risk of SUDEP. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Laura Harris

    When we left hospital and came home after Ella was diagnosed with Epilepsy, I felt scared to go to sleep and would just watch her for hours. The pulseguard gave me the confidence to go to sleep knowing if there was any problems I would be alerted. No one ever told us about SUDEP before we left the hospital but it’s a very real worry but I feel reassured when Ella’s wired up at bedtime.

    Easy to use, get bit of kit xx

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

    • Thank you so much Laura. You was one of the very first families I visited at home when we first launched and I am so pleased that I had the chance to meet with yourself and your beautiful daughter Ella, and so pleased that your PulseGuard is still giving you peace of mind 4 years on 💜

      • oh hi Kate! Hope you are well darling ❤️ 4 years ago….wow….where does the time go?! I called up yesterday about buying the new sensor, 24 hour battery sounds like heaven 😍 ok to use with my pulseguard?x

        • I am very well thank you 🙂 yes absolutely fine to work with your system hun, makes such a huge difference not having to swap the sensors over in the night x

  • Kate Stahl

    We’ve had a pulseguard for many years now and would not be without it. We even take it camping!!
    Having a child with nocturnal epilepsy is terrifying. You don’t sleep because you might miss one. This system gives you peace of mind that you won’t miss a seizure in the night and you will be there for your child. Thank you. Xxx 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

    • This is amazing to here, we always tell people they can take PulseGuard camping and we do ourselves many times a year, so I am so pleased to find a fellow camper proving that epilepsy doesn’t have to limit fun trips away 💜

  • Steph John Hall

    My son has had the pulse guard system for the past three years, it helps to detect seizures and help us know when we need to react to potential life threatening situations. Excellent product, highlight recommended. Thank you.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Alexis Shapiro

    We just tried our new PulseGuard system last night for the first time and I’m already more at ease! This is the only seizure monitor on the market that would really work for our son as the motion monitors won’t pick up on his usual type of seizures. As parents of a child with Dravet Syndrome SUDEP is a major concern for us, and we feel so much better having something monitoring heart rate through the night that will alarm if there’s an issue. Although it does have more components than we like and is a little “gadget heavy”, we are just grateful for it and it seems to be working well! Thank you!

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

    • Thank you so much for your lovely review. We are so pleased that you are already benefiting from PulseGuard after your first night. If you need any support or advice at any time please feel free to contact us and to also join our exclusive support group for PulseGuard families.
      Hopefully in time you will also benefit from some of the gadgets such as the heart rate graphs and seizure diary 💜

  • Lisa Casey

    Excellent piece of equipment & would highly recommend for anyone with health issues who requires constant monitoring

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Anthony Barker

    Pulse guard has been life changing. Being able to sleep with both eyes shut has made such a difference to our lives.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Paul Loveday

    The pulse guard alarm has been life changing. It gives us peace of mind every night and we get some much needed sleep! The customer service has been excellent and always a quick response. If you are worried about seizures I can’t recommend this enough!!

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Meghan Elizabeth Viola

    Gives me some peace of mind, I’m able to allow myself to sleep a little deeper when we have this line of defence against SUDEP.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Jessica Nye

    Pulseguard has given my family and me peace of mind and the ability to rest at night. My son has nocturnal convulsive seizures and SUDEP is a constant worry. His Pulseguard alarms consistently when he has a seizure, and I feel so much better knowing that it will also alarm if his heartbeat goes too low so we can help him. It’s easy to use as well. Highly recommend.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Gemma Stocker

    You can sleep easier knowing that the alarm will sound to wake you if anything changes

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Becky Braithwaite

    We’ve used the Pulseguard for our 7 year old son for the last 4 years now and highly recommend it for anyone living with epilepsy. Our son would still be sleeping in bed with us if it wasn’t for this amazing piece of equipment. We still dread night time but we know we’re keeping him safe as best as we can 😊 customer services have always been fantastic and very helpful with any queries we’ve had regarding the Pulseguard. Thank you so much 😊

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Katie Riley Mason

    Me and my family did a bit of fundraising for my sons pulseguard a few years back now and it has always been amazing. My son has had epilepsy since the age of 8 months and I looked for years for a monitor that worked with the type of seizures that he had but couldn’t find one. Then My son had a seizure in his sleep one evening that I was not alerted to as I didn’t have a monitor and the hospital struggled to get him out of it he was poorly for a long time. He was sleeping in my room right next to my bed and I was terrified to go to sleep when we found pulse guard. Friends family and myself raised the money in 4 days!!
    It has never faulted woken me to many seizures and I’m certain saved his life. He has even dropped the sensor down the toilet whilst taking it off one night. And it has still never failed.
    Hoping to upgrade to the mark 11 and donate the old system to a family/ person in need

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Tracy Jarvis

    Our son has the Mark 1 version of this and it’s been a wonderful piece of equipment. It’s always altered us to when he’s having a seizure at night. Could not survive without it. Customer support is fantastic, had a user error once and it was late in the day, but Pulseguard called me back and talked me through where I was going wrong, also called the next day to make sure everything was okay. Without this system life would be so different and stressful for all.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Jennifer Padilla

    PulseGuard gives us the ability to sleep at night knowing we will hear an alarm if our sons vitals are significantly off. He was having seizures at night and there were a couple of times, we woke up to him blue and not breathing and having a seizure, now we will be alerted! Our son loves it! He thinks the wrist monitor is awesome!

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Jennifer McKay

    Thank you PulseGuard for giving us piece of mind which allows us to sleep at night. Due to our daughters nocturnal seizures my husband and I would take turns in watching her at night but thanks to PulseGuard we are now able to sleep at night with the comfort of knowing that we will be alerted should anything happen to her. Thank you for helping us get some normality back into our lives

    (Orignially posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Clare Jones

    Our son has used the PulseGuard Mark I every night for just over 2 years now. It is fantastic and has alerted us to all of his seizures. Set-up is easy and the customer service team are always so helpful. We actually have 2 wristbands – our son wears both to bed and when the one runs out we just turn on the other one. The monitor has definitely given us some comfort and enables us to rest. Thank you PulseGuard.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Hayley Buckingham

    Amazing wouldn’t be without been a life saver and worth every penny highly recommend!!

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Amy Biddlecombe

    The pulseguard was the first monitor we got for our son so was the first monitor to give us some peace of mind while we slept. We had to look into additional monitors as we need to monitor his oxygen levels too. But for just the heart rate this is excellent and the fact that it’s wireless is really good.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Robert Estrada

    PulseGuard is a Life Saver! Allows my wife and I to sleep with a piece of mind that our Princess is peacefully sleeping and if there is an emergency, PG will let us know. It’s been 100% accurate for the past 4-5 years. Thank you for not settling!!!!

    (Oringinally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Tony Simons

    It’s difficult to find the words to describe the benefits of the PulseGuard system as a seizure alert system for parents of a child with epilepsy. It is outrageous that this product isn’t supported and provided by local health authorities.

    (Oringinally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

    • Thank you so much Tony. We are slowly getting there with local authorities and NHS trusts and have more and more funding PulseGuard now. It should be easier when our MHRA medical classification is completed very soon 💜

  • Simon Mitchell

    PulseGuard quickly became a normal part of our lives after my son developed Epilepsy. The friendly and helpful support of the team got us up and running and we haven’t needed them since.

    PulseGuard has freed up our evenings and allowed us to sleep at night while giving our teenage son his privacy too.

    We have travelled with it as well, helping make holidays more restful.

    PulseGuard has allowed us to pass useful info to paramedics when they arrive and to Consultants and specialist nurses through the reports that it can export.

    Reliable and simple to use, PulseGuard has been an important part of keeping our son safe and well.

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We are so pleased to hear that you have made full use of all of its functions and been able to share data with health care professionals. It’s great to hear that it has helped give your son some independence as he is growing up too 💜

  • Kylie Brown

    The pulse guard alarm has allowed me to sleep easier when my son is with me. He has silent night seizures which aren’t always picked up on the regular monitor. My son loves it too. Thank-you

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Naomi Aldridge

    The pulse guard gives me complete safety that any seizure will be picked up over night. I never slept before we had a pulse guard. Since having one I’m able to get better sleep…… Well unless it alarms for seizures obviously!!

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Sarah Piazza-Drew

    Pulseguard has changed our lives. My daughter can now sleep alone in her own room and I can sleep without being stressed. We have had ours for years now and she hasn’t gone a night without it. The whole team are amazing with their support. Best item we have ever bought!

    (Originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Kathy Bowley

    The team are great to deal with and couldn’t be more helpful, the pulseguard itself has been a life saver in more ways than one, means we get to sleep easier knowing we have the back up of the pulseguard to alert is to any seizures.
    Just recently had to pop into their office after my iPad lost wifi connection problem (fault with our home wifi, not the pulseguard) couldn’t be solved over the phone, was solved before I even left the carpark,

    (originally posted to PulseGuard facebook page)

  • Nikki Cadman

    We love our pulse guard, having a child with a life limiting form of epilepsy is very daunting and this has enabled us to sleep a little easier at night, knowing we will be alerted if our daughter has a seizure. Great piece of equipment!

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Renae Telo

    We bought a very early version of the PulseGuard a few years ago now. I think we may have even been one of the first Australians to have the software.

    We love the fact this is a family owned business, designed by an understood and experienced need. We love that we can customise the software to set our own heart rate parameters for our daughter. Sadly the technology had some flaws and the wrist band wasn’t the best, but we are excited that there have been great improvements in the software and technology. Keen to try out the Mark II

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Vonny Tuckley

    We have been using the PulseGuard system for a few years now and I have lost count of the amount of times it has alerted us to our little boy’s nocturnal seizures, potentially saving his life. The system gives us peace of mind, allowing us to relax a little as he sleeps. I would recommend for anyone who has nocturnal seizures, but in particular those who have still, silent seizures as our son does

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Gina Walker

    pulseguard was a game changer for us my son has LGS and suffers multiple seizures day and night I’d spent a lot of years laying on the end of his bed but now I get some sleep inbetween the seizures because I know pulseguard will wake me up a product that has given me my sanity back!🙂

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Sophie Hollywood

    Pulse guard has given us the confidence to put our little boy in his own room at night… we wondered in the beginning how we’d ever be able to take our eyes off of him let alone sleep peacefully… but pulse guard changed that… thankyou!

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Dobb Y Williams

    We purchased a PulseGuard after seeing a Webchat done at the first ever Epilepsy WA conference. The team have been nothing short of amazing as we are based in Perth, Western Australia. Our son who is 8 1/2 years old and suffers from Tonic Clonic and Absent Seizures. We are able to take his heart rates along to his appointments and show the fluctuations in his heart rate when we believe he is suffering Absent seizures.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Paula Garbutt

    I could simply not relax without our pock-it for our son who is 23 non verbal severely autistic & has ACC and epilepsy this device has been life changing reduced the risk of him falling and alerted us if he has a temperature or is going to be sick during in the night & well as picking up his seizures.
    I wish we had made the decision to have got the Mark 1 at the time as the device records important data . Well done pulse guard you have given us complete peice of mind that are son is safe and your customer support is amazing .

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Louise Pullen

    When our little one was diagnosed I dreaded nights as I couldn’t be watching her all of the time. We looked at many different monitoring systems but decided on the Pulsegaurd. After a few teething problems, but great customer support, I can finally relax at night again! Thankyou!

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Lisa Johnson

    We have the mark 1 system and it has literally been a god send! We have had it for approximately 3 years and use it every night, it is a huge comfort knowing we will be alerted if my son has a seizure which usually affects his breathing and requires medical attention. Highly recommend 😊

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • We purchased a PulseGuard for Our Son Toby who is now 2, he was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2018.

    The majority of his Seizures are upon waking and during sleep.

    He has Focal Seizures and Focal Motor Seizures which generalise into Tonic Clonics but thankfully no Tonic Clonics since last May but lately he has been having Absences and what we think are Tonics and Clonics with those 2 types happening a lot at night so rhe PulseGuard has been very reassuring at night.

    The Family behind PulseGuard have been nothing but helpful and dedicated and we definitely recommend PulseGuard.

    You can read our review in the Tia’s Treasures Facebook Group.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Amanda Lancaster Campbell

    We have had our Pulseguard for only a few weeks. My daughter had a seizure yesterday at school and we had to use her rescue meds for the first time. We were able to use our Pulseguard when we got her home to help monitor her. Pulseguard has really helped our peace of mind. I would recommend to everyone who has seizures or any medical problem that needs to keep an eye on heart rate.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Lisa Jenkins

    We have used pulseguard for a while & feel I need to say how good it is not only does it pick seizures up but the face there are no wires Sophie is not restricted in her movement at night. I sleep much better with this alarm . Also if I have any questions/ queries people are easy to get in touch with to help . Definitely recommend this amazing bit of kit x

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Is pulse guard only for people who have seizures at night how would I use this during the day ?

    • Hi Nicole, PulseGuard is predominantly a nocturnal seziure monitoring device as the heart rate is more stable and easier to monitor at night.
      However we do have customers who use it 24 hours.
      You would need to adjust the heart rate levels during the day to accomadate for a larger fluctuating heart rate and reduce false alarms.
      As we have a senior clinical advisor as part of our team we are able to assist you with working out heart rate parameters and give you personal advice.
      Please feel free to email us for more information

  • Tia Hutchison

    very good family business very helpful and i am grateful they support me (Tia’s Treasures) i invited all my friends to the page i want to help Toby get a Pulseguard #HelpTiatoHelpToby he had one but mum sent it back as someone said it had to work on a pager and a box thing but now no it is not true and it was comfy for him to wear and helpful he has Epilepsy mainly night and morning seizures but some day ones 💜

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Tracie Underwood

    We purchased the pulseguard a couple of months ago after a lot of sleepless nights worrying endlessly about our sons seizures.

    We had two baby monitors in different rooms as he constantly moved from one room to another when he couldn’t sleep. We needed something that was attached to him. I’d heard a lot about pulseguard beforehand from various support groups etc, but making the decision to buy it was without a doubt, the best thing we have done, the peace of mind it has given us is absolutely priceless.

    I used to check on my son every half an hour or so, I slept terribly, I was living on my nerves but Pulseguard has given us huge peace of mind. The device is brilliant and so easy to use. But even more exceptional is the after care and the empathetic way that each one of every person that I had contact with before and afterwards treated us.

    I can honestly say I’ve never had that with any company that I’ve ever bought anything from. I would highly recommend the Pulseguard, my only regret is that I didn’t know about it sooner.

    Peace of mind is priceless. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.xx

    Tracie underwood
    Mum to Thomas!

  • Pia Comber

    Our son David has Dravet syndrome, which causes tremendous worry for two reasons. One is that David’s seizures are uncontrollable and quite commonly throughout the night. In the past it has been very stressful and frustrating that we have missed some of his seizures, we have had many disturbed nights where we can’t sleep because we couldn’t be sure we would wake for David’s seizures.

    The second issue is that David is at high risk of SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in Epilepsy), where his heart rate could slow and then stop. Obviously this is a silent issue and difficult to detect.

    We have tried other seizure monitors like ‘EMFIT’, however this and many others work by them detecting movement but some of David’s seizures don’t involve much movement.

    Since having ‘Pulse Guard’ we can relax because it picks up on David’s seizures and we can respond quickly. The alarm goes off seconds after seizures start so we can intervene if we need to. The alarm also goes off when the heart rate has got to a dangerously low level enabling us to act quickly. This recently happened and we were able to seek immediate medical advice.

    Pia and Jeff comber.

    • I was wondering if you think this would help me I have to looked into the embrace by empatica but I do not have convulsive seizures my heart rate does however get extremely high and then low coordinating with my low blood pressure I feel like this would alert when I start to sweat my heart rate changes an I go into a seizure just trying to get more input

  • Kerry Usher

    The pulseguard alerted me to my son having a seizure this morning in bed when I wouldn’t normally have been awake.
    Yes, if it were up to me I’d make some tweaks to this system, but at the end of the day it does what it’s made to do and its the best purchase I’ve made to date.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Kim Mc Farland

    We’ve had our pulseguard for a while now and it’s been fantastic, I just wanted to also point out that one evening our son was in bed on his back when his alarm went off in the night, obviously we thought he was having a seizure but actually he was choking on his own vomit. Thank god the alarm picked up on this and alerted us.
    I would like to make a suggestion though as my mum sometimes has my son overnight but she is hard of hearing and can’t hear the alarm, if possibly maybe some kind of vibrating device worn by the carer could essentially a Good idea?

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Georgina Coulson

    The pulse guard for us has been a life changer. We received it last year in October after my sons last big seizure. These big seizures were happening quite frequent during the night and he’d end up in PiCU every time fighting for his life. Illness and temperature are his triggers for seizures. Back then we used a sats monitor to monitor him but we never got an accurate reading because he was always moving around or pulling it off. It had us up all night long giving false alarms off. We barely left the house because we were so exhausted.

    Since getting our pulse guard we have been 1 year seizure free. I truly believe it’s because the pulse guard has been able to alert us of any change before the seizure starting, to allow us to get him stripped off and meds into him before he was to hit his seizure threshold. We’ve had no change in medication we’ve just had this better monitoring system that really works. There has been so many times when we have been woken up with the alarm to alert us of a change in his heart rate. Iv went into his room and he’s been sound asleep with no seizure, but after checking his temperature, it’s been really high for him, we’ve managed to get him stripped off, meds into him and then relax again knowing we’ve managed to prevent the seizure starting. Before pulse guard, a seizure was the first sign of an illness brewing, he’d have a seizure, end up in hospital and we’d be fighting an illness too. Now we know the change of heart rate is the first sign of something brewing were able to prevent the seizures, get him to doctors and start antibiotics to kick the infection. It really has changed our lives and kept us out of hospital.

    John Joseph has sensitive skin so we use a bandage to keep the sensor in place rather than the strap watch. John Joseph started sleeping really good since we’ve had the pulse guard and he hasn’t been woken with false alarms etc and the only down fall is the sensor runs out of battery before he wakes. But all we do is we put 2 sensors on him and when one runs out we turn he other one on. And the problem is solved. We now have a much better quality of life were both sleeping, and I can finally relax knowing he his safe. I’d highly recommend the product for anyone suffering with epilepsy especially Dravet syndrome where an illness or temperature is a trigger for seizures. Your not only detecting seizures, your able to prevent them.

    Kindest regards

    Georgina coulson, mother of john Joseph (Dravet syndrome)

  • Charlotte Gardiner Freeston

    Thank u so much for the pulse guard system, we have not yet had a seizure whilst he’s been wearing it but it did alert us to increase heart rate linked to body temperature spike and fighting off a virus through the night. He will wear this every night. Helps a sleep deprived mummy and daddy. Harry is 15 mths old

  • Matt Daniels

    A great bit of kit. Most of my sons fits are at night, before pulse guard I’d hardly sleep or wake up when the fit was well underway which resulted in many hospital trips and a few close calls. Pulse guard has made such a difference I can now stop the fits at the start and stop them in next to no time

  • Sally Wooller

    I have no idea where we would be without PulseGuard. It is my son’s guardian angel. I just couldn’t live without it…those sleepless nights are impossible to maintain without sinking into despair. Dan is nearly 16 now, my brave, funny, courageous purple Warrior, he loves it too and knows it keeps him safe.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Dave Towner

    I think you are very admirable for inventing some thing to save lives well done all of you x

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Cassandra Baker

    WOWZERS !!!

    What an AMAZING company and group of people ….

    After learning about this company and the product I felt so INSPIRED !!!

    Chris Perry and the team are EPIC !!!

    So look no further for all your epilepsy technology needs !!!


    Best wishes


    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Emma Jewell-Hanson

    We can’t rate pulseguard high enough. My 3 year old was diagnosed with epilepsy in August and we got pulseguard not long after. It has detected about 5 seizures since then. Before pulseguard we was having sleepless nights watching over him so pulseguard has been brilliant!
    Thanks for developing this brilliant product xxxx

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

    • Emma Jewell-Hanson

      Just to update our review, my son is now 7 and we have used pulseguard every single night since we purchased it! The pulseguard team are always on hand to help with any problems.
      Pulseguard has never let us down and I reccomend it all the time to people who have children with epilepsy!
      Thank you pulseguard 💜

  • James McLeod

    We have been using pulseguard since May, and on all 4 occasions where our son has had a seizure, the pulseguard has alerted us early on. Due to his seizures starting off as partial focal seizures, it was very difficult to detect them early before, and we had a lot of sleepless nights using a baby monitor. Pulseguard works effectively and gives us the piece of mind that we can get some sleep and that any seizures will be alerted to us.

  • Charlotte 'Gardiner' Freeston

    Thank u so much for the pulse guard system, we have not yet had a seizure whilst he’s been wearing it but it did alert us to increase heart rate linked to body temperature spike and fighting off a virus through the night. He will wear this every night. Helps a sleep deprived mummy and daddy. Harry is 15 mths old

  • Georgina Coulson

    Been lying awake in bed for about an hour waiting on little man waking up can’t believe the difference that pulse guard machine has made, im waking up before him now from getting a full night sleep we were in bed last night half 8 and he still asleep hahha time for wakeys

  • Anonymous

    Dear Adrian, Sue, Chris and Kate,

    Thank you so much for sending us the PulseGuard (and bag of sweets!!).
    This is set to finally bring us nights of proper sleep with less worry – Well done for creating a product which will help so many others.

    Thank You.

  • Debbie Fisher

    My daughter, Ruby, wears her PulseGuard every night and it detects and alarms us to her seizures. She is currently having between 2 and 5 seizures a night. It reassures me that I will wake up to every seizure and ensure she is safe. Thank you PulseGuard! X x

  • Sam, Craig & Lucy

    Dear Adrian and Sue,

    I just have to email you to tell you how grateful Craig and I are that you both invented this product. Lucy sadly had another seizure on Tuesday night, her first in just over a year and the monitor alerted us when her heart rate rose dramatically. As you know, Lucy’s seizures always go into status and she must be medicated out of them, we were able to do this promptly. Also as she did not shake this time, her mattress monitor would not have been triggered so it is no exaggeration to say that Pulseguard may well have saved her life.We were also able to monitor her heart rate after giving the rescue meds and felt much calmer than we have previously as a consequence, it was like having a Dr in the room with us. We remained at home, felt able to deal with the situation and did not need to call an ambulance as we have on many previous times.We cannot thank you enough for creating such an excellent product which really works, and the wonderful after sales care. I have been telling everyone I can about how essential this equipment is and will continue to do so.

    Very best wishes Sam, Craig & Lucy

  • Bill Burke

    To the Adris Team.

    I just woke up from a very restful sleep. Thank you! My son is nineteen and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of four. Living with ASD is a constant challenge. The challenges increased with a quantum leap recently when he had his first seizure. Fearing that a seizure at night may cause him to become nauseated and to aspirate fluid led us to sleeping with him until a decent monitor could be found. There are several available. Most relied primarily on motion. Reading internet posts we found that motion sensors are not as reliable as we would want. Then we found PulseGuard. Tracking the pulse of an individual was just so much more intuitive. We knew (from watching the monitors that EMTs used during the first seizure) that our son’s pulse was racing during his first seizure. We knew our solution was found. Chris at Adris was instrumental in helping us secure and implement usage of the PulseGuard. We recently (again with Chris’ help) updated PulseGuard and we find the new interface intuitive and easy to understand. The auto reset of the alarm also minimizes the disruption if the alarm sounds in the night. We still get up and check our son, but one of us is able to fall back to sleep a bit faster. Well thought through products are, unfortunately, rare in today’s world. Finding one that IS well thought through is always a pleasure. PulseGuard is one of those products. After several months of poor or no sleep, I’m well rested again. Thanks to all at Adris Technologies!!!

    Most Sincerely, Bill, Lee’s Dad

  • Debbie Nugent

    Thank you for Sophie’s PULSEGUARD it really is great peace of mind it’s amazing how it works and means finally we can sleep

  • Carol Lina

    Thanks Kate for all your help! Can’t wait to get a pulse guard monitoring system for my dravet daughter! Best idea ever! Xx

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

  • Phil Eversfield

    So simple, for a life saving idea!! Working as a Paramedic I know the importance of any potential early warning system. Well done.

    (originally posted to PulseGuard Facebook Page)

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