Tia’s Treasures

Tia’s Treasures is a fantatsic micro charity that began in 2011 when Tia was just 6 years old.

Tia started out by creating beaded bracelets for family and friends until she soon realised that she could turn what had started out as a hobby into a fundraising enterprise calling herself  Tia’s Treasures.

Tia began donating the proceeds from the sales of her “treasures” to CLIC Sargent Charity and CHECT (Childhood Eye Cancer Trust) as these charities had supported her Best Friend Demi who had been battling Retinoblastoma since the age of 6 months, by the age of 8 Demi had unfortunately lost her sight in both eyes.

By the time Tia’s Treasures had reached its 5th Anniversary over £5,000 had been raised not just for CLIC Sargent and CHECT (Childhood Eye Cancer Trust) but for various charities, deserving causes and individuals.   

In 2018 Tia’s Brother Toby, the youngest member of the Tia’s Treasures Team was diagnosed with Epilepsy after suffering from a number of  Focal and Focal Motor seizures which generalised into Tonic Clonic seizures since the age of 7 months, since Toby’s diagnosis Tia and the rest of the Tia’s Treasures Team which consists of Mum Lisa, Dad Richard and Brothers Alex, Adam, Jamie, Tommy and Toby made the decision to dedicate all future fundraising events including proceeds from the sales of the handmade Epilepsy Awareness Seahorse Keyrings and any funds raised at events attended to Young Epilepsy Registered, as well as funding Seizure Alarms for those diagnosed with Epilepsy.

In March 2018 PulseGuard International heard about the amazing work Tia has carried out and the struggles her family were undergoing finding a suitable monitor for Toby, so decided to gift a Mark II system to the charity to help safeguard Toby.

To date Tia has fundraised enough money to provide 14 monitors to other families in need of a monitoring system, but were unable to afford to purchase one themselves.

Her last one being a PulseGuard Mark I system that was kindly donated to the charity in November 2019 and is now helping safeguard a 2 year old little boy.

Tia and her family hope to continue their work in 2020 and provide more monitors to more families in need.

If you would like to support Tia and her continued work, please click on the link below to go to their paypal account and make a donation


or head over to their website www.tiastreasures.net or follow them on facebook

Author Info

Kate Farmer

Senior Clinical Advisor for PulseGuard International Ltd. I have 15 years experience working frontline A&E in the UK NHS Ambulance Service. I have gone on to train and research extensively around epilepsy, to provide the most up to date information, clinical advice and support to PulseGuard customers and followers as well as living first hand with the personal effects of Dravet Syndrome within my family

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